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Punjab Driving School always provided best quality driving lessons to its clients from last twenty five years. Punjab Driving School is a community based school so its rates are much better than several other area driving schools. Here is a guideline for the driving training rate in Surrey Delta Area;

1 hour Driving Lesson in Surrey Newton area is $40. In other parts of Surrey the rate could differ and it depends upon the travelling time.

Punjab Driving School always promise you to get road test passed with lesser amount of money than many other driving school as Punjab Driving School believes in Quality than quantity of Driving lessons.

It is Punjab Driving School's Goal and we sincerely mean it. Our record speaks for itself!

That's why Punjab Driving School is considered number 1 driver training school in Surrey Delta area of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Call us at 604-591-2220 or e-mail us at

The best thing is that we can pick up and drop our students from home, office or from mutually agreed place.